portraits by Charlotte Hutson Wrenn

Hana. 30x30. Oil on Canvas.

portraits by Charlotte Hutson Wrenn

Joe and Maggie, for Noni. 16x20 oil on canvas.

Portraits by Charlotte Hutson Wrenn

Luke. 8x10. oil on canvas.

portraits by Charlotte Hutson Wrenn

Henry and Bella. Two deep canvas 5x5 paintings


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  1. What a gift these paintings are to our family! The portrait of Hana came just as she was heading off to college, which made it so special and sweet and meaningful. I love how their personalities are captured so lovingly and easily, without any fussiness. It is beautiful work, and these pieces are just as much a part of our family as our children, themselves.

  2. Joe and Maggie touched so many people while they were alive. I often run into people who knew them – most women who knew Joe were convinced that he was their boyfriend. He could look deep into people with those eyes. Maggie was known for her joy of life. I think they were a bit famous. We lost them in 2008 to a fatal genetic disorder called MPS. Even though Charlotte never met them she captured their hearts and I believe she knows them now. This special birthday gift to me allows me to think about Joe and Maggie when they were at a good point in their lives. Charlotte is a talented artist and defines the term “dear friend”.

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