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original art by C.HutsonWrenn

Indigo Winter and myself!


Tree Cathedral, a painting


This painting is the image that reminds me of Charlotte, the city.

©2012 C Hutson Wrenn

Tree Cathedral – a portrait of Charlotte North Carolina


John O’Donohue, in his book, Beauty, The Invisible Embrace, calls ocean ‘wild divinity’. Water, he writes, stirs something very deep and ancient in the human heart.

But there is so much more to ocean. “It is beauty charged with danger.” He continues, yet even in its wildest passion, the ocean still holds dignity, it maintains poise. However and wherever it throws itself, it never falls outside of itself… it is always within the shelter of the one rhythm.”

Hope whispers in these waves. The tide always returns.

24x36 oil on canvas. Original painting by C. Hutson Wrenn ©2011